Keeping It Real Christian Fellowship has several guidelines and principles governing the Christian Wedding held in the Sanctuary. These are presented in this section.

The Meaning of a Church Wedding

A Church Wedding is for believers, not unbelievers. It would be biblically unethical and hypocritical to get married in the church if the church is not already a part of your lives. There is a difference between a wedding and a CHRISTIAN WEDDING. A Christian Wedding is a worship service. In the Worship Service we are asking God’s presence and blessing on what is taking place. Therefore, it is a solemn, sacred moment as we stand in the presence of the Almighty God. It is for this reason that the Pastor will not perform a wedding between two people of whom both are not saved.


It is a requirement that those planning to marry complete scheduled Pre-Marital Counseling. The Pastor is available to counsel with couples contemplating marriage. Call and make an appointment with the Pastor before wedding plans are made.


All wedding music must be of a sacred quality. The subject of church wedding music is not human love, but divine love. The wedding is a worship service, and therefore secular love songs and music would not be appropriate. The music must be sacred, and reflective of the divine love of God. Although not mandatory, the church’s organist can be available to provide music for the wedding. If someone other than the church’s organist is used, they must still be under the Pastor’s direction in the selection of appropriate music.


The wedding is a function of the church, therefore the Pastor or someone designated by him will assist in the planning of the wedding ceremony. He or She will also be available for rehearsal, and on the day of the wedding. If you have someone who will be your wedding coordinator, they may work with the church’s consultant.


Time is very important, and since the wedding involves persons other than those in the wedding party whose time is also valuable, we insist that both the rehearsal and wedding begin at the stated and agreed upon time. Otherwise, additional fees may be required.

Behavior In God’s House

There must be respect for God’s House of Worship, even if one does not believe in our God. Persons who are in the wedding party, and friends of the bride and groom are expected to always respect the church, which is the house of the Lord. Therefore, persons intoxicated, using profane language, or exhibiting unruly behavior will be asked to leave the Sanctuary, and will not be allowed to return.


If you are a member of the church in good standing, there is only a minimal fee required which is to offset the churches operational expenses. Membership does have its privileges, and it is because of this that the fee required for the use of the church for Non-members is significantly higher. Organist and Consultant fees are separate. Fees must be paid in advance and will be given separately, and a Contract Agreement must be signed.

Photography and Video Aids

The taking of pictures during the wedding ceremony can be distracting, especially since the service is of such a sacred occasion. However, we realize that you will want a permanent record in visual form of such an important event. Therefore, the photographing of your wedding ceremony, which is a holy and sacred event, will be permitted only if the following guidelines are observed:

  1. Photographers must dress in appropriate attire in order to take photographs and/or videos (suit, tie and dress etc.).
  2. No photographs can be taken from the pulpit area without prior approval, designation and direction from the Pastor.
  3. No photographs can be taken during prayer.

To schedule your wedding, please call the Church Secretary to schedule an appointment with Pastor Crawley.